Facebook Addiction? User Resorts to LSD

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Facebook Addiction with LSD

It’s the dawn of a new era when we find users searching for illicit drugs to curve their internet addiction. Such is the case for Baynard Woods, who resorted to LSD to help him against his own Facebook addiction. Baynard Woods explains, he only used small amounts of LSD to fight this addiction.

In the tech-world of Silicon Valley, small amounts of LSD, in particular a microdose (about 10 micrograms of LSD) is being used as a tool to effectively enhance creativity.

Woods’ article on VOX describes his mental change from “scrolling aimlessly through Facebook” to a more casual mindset, enjoying deeper conversations with friends to even striking chats with people on the bus stop.

After his second microdose, he claims he was completely curbed off his Facebook addiction for a full three days! Woods didn’t have to know “everything happening at every moment.”


Please note: While Facebook addiction has negative effects such as anti-social behavior and depression, taking LSD carries its own risks such as anxiety, paranoia and delusions. It should be known that LSD is not a doctor prescribed medication for treating addiction.

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