New Company Delivers HIV Meds to Your Doorstep

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HIV Meds delivered to your door

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Nurx is a relatively new company to enter the pharmaceutical market. In 2014, Nurx began offering birth control pills to be delivered straight to your door through an easy to use web interface. Now, Nurx is adding HIV-prevention pills (Preexposure medication known simply as PrEP).


The innovative approach is to combine a smartphone app-based interface with speedy delivery of medications. Nurx hopes that populations like gay men of color, transgender women, and sex workers that are hardest to reach will now have more access to these necessary medications.


The app interface first begins with a few questions to learn more about the customer. Users begin by answering questions about risk factors (such as their number of sex partners, condom use, STI diagnoses, possible HIV exposure) and any previous experiences with PrEP or PEP, the post-exposure prophylaxis.


In contrast, Nir Eyal, a medical ethicist at Harvard University, believes that the technology has the potential to remove barriers to access to PrEP, but worries about patients self-reporting symptoms and patient-doctor communication.



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