Buprenorphine: In Random Treatment Study Proves Most Successful

In the first of its kind, a random study highlighting three treatment strategies for Opioid-Addiction was performed by Yale researchers. Opioid-dependency is a growing epidemic in the United States. With deaths from drug-related overdoses topping car accident deaths each day. Emergency departments (ED) often treat these patients with illicit or prescription opioid addiction. While ED's provide the initial care for these patients, the underlying cause for addiction is referred to external treatment facilities. Prior research conducted at Yale has shown Buprenorphine is effective under primary care settings. The new study extends this to the critical and ED patient population. Under three different treatment strategies that comprised of interventional, motivational, and brief intervention/Buprenorphine prescription, the incorporation of Buprenorphine significantly improved the chance at recovery. Read more about it [here]

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