Detecting Cancer With a Urine Test?

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Urine screen

Urine testing has quickly become a cost-effective method for medical screening. Urine contains many different compounds which enables healthcare providers to gain access to vital information regarding a patient's health. Now, imagine if a routine urinalysis could screen for cancer. Researchers at MIT, the University of California San Diego, and the French Institute of Health and Medical Research are conducting studies that use genetically engineered bacteria to detect markers of diseases, such as cancer, in these urine tests. Currently, invasive biopsies and expensive CT scans are some of the primary methods for disease confirmation, since these specific disease markers are found in small concentrations in blood and urine. The ability for the engineered bacteria to detect tiny amounts of specific chemicals in bodily fluids may help pinpoint cancers and diseases much sooner, as well as increasing accuracy. Read more about it [here] .

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