Treating Addiction With Blood Pressure Pills

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Blood Pressure Pills Treat Addiction
The discovery of environmental clues,  including people, places, sights, and sounds has been successfully linked to trigger addictive behavior. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have targeted the unconscious memory that plays a role in casting these environmental clues. By blocking the ion channels directly involved in this memory process, addictive behavior, especially in alcohol and cocaine, has drastically decreased. 

Scientific tests were conducted on rats that involved the association of a black and white room with the use of a drug. When studied, the rats entered the room which was associated with the drug. This strong memory for the room conveys the power of drug-related memories. 
Anti-high blood pressure pills, like Isradipine used in this study, effectively rewires the brain in the areas for drug-related memory associations. If the treatment is proven effective in humans, this medication would be the first of its kind to help erase unconscious memories associated with relapsing addictions. Read more about it [here] .

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