Women Who Drink Increase Food Intake

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Women Who Drink Increase Calorie Intake


With wine consumption on the rise in the United States, it’s important to get a better understanding about the effects it has on appetite. For the first time, a study at Indiana University School of Medicine led by researcher, William J. A. Eiler II, PhD found that the brain plays a vital role in mediating food intake after alcohol consumption among women, rather than than relying entirely on the digestion and absorption of alcohol in the gut. Research was conducted on 35 healthy women; alcohol was administered intravenously in one session, and a placebo (saline) was used in another. Participants were given food and told to eat until they were full. They found that the women ate more food when receiving the alcohol intravenously compared to the placebo, however, one third of participants ate less after alcohol exposure, showing that the hypothalamus responds more to food odors after alcohol infusion vs. saline. Read more about it [here] .

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