Salvia Plant: Dopamine Treatment

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Salvia plant

 The ancient beliefs of the Mazatec people of Oaxaca, southern Mexico, have accumulated years of knowledge in herbal healing. They use rituals, incense, and chanting to cure illness and travel to spiritual or astral dimensions.

Their use of Salvia, a plant in the mint family, has been found to alter dopamine levels in ancient parts of the brain responsible for motivation, reward, and the internal sense of what is going on in our bodies. In addition, the Mazatec have used Salvia to treat addiction for hundreds of years.

Salvia can be used by ingesting fresh leaves or by drinking their extracted juices. By drying the leaves, Salvia can also be smoked or inhaled.

The Mazatec have made it possible for Western science to begin to uncover its medicinal properties. Read more about it [here] .

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