To Drink or Not To Drink: This Pill Eliminates Hangovers

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Eliminate your Hangover

img source: sciartmag

Imagine a fun-filled night with your buddies. Laughing and eating; enjoying your time late into the weekend evening drinking nothing but water. Yes, we said it, water.

Earlier this year, Professor Nutt revealed two new drugs that mimic the sensation of being drunk without the regrettable side effects, and reduce the impact of alcohol.

The first of Nutt’s wonder drugs is “alscosynth,” a non-toxic inebriant drink that induces the same effects of alcohol, but carries no risk of hangover, aggression, loss of control or any of the general mess that comes from hammering your liver with that toxin.

However, there are concerns about the safety of alcosynth, a benzodiazepine derivative and a substance in the same family as Valium, which some experts say can be harder to withdraw from than heroin.

Nutt maintains alcosynth does not have the same withdrawal symptoms as Valium, explaining that it “doesn’t interact with those receptors that cause addiction to benzodiazepines.” When asked for an opinion on the risks of alcosynth if marketed to the general public, a spokesperson from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said: “Unfortunately, we just don’t know enough about how it works to give informed comment.” It’s not the first time Nutt’s work has been met with question.

If made widely available, the pill could be used as a quick way to sober up after a night out and may even reduce the risk of drunk driving, although Nutt notes that the price would need to be set high to avoid abuse.

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