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The Death of Prince: Points to Overdose
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img source: The Guardian   The drug in question? Percocet. It is commonly prescribed in pill form and made up of one part over-the-counter-style pain killer, like Tylenol, and another part oxycodone — a powerful opioid pain-killing sedative that has its own history of inducing fatal overdoses. This prescription drug is very well known, especially around Minnesota, where Prince had resided for the majority of his 57 years.   During a conference, one speaker noted that Prince’s addiction to opioids started innocently enough after a dentist prescribed such opioids following a "minor dental procedure," the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported at the...

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Police Warn of Tainted Synthetic Marijuana in Connecticut

Investigations are underway in Windham, Connecticut as the Willimantic Police Department received calls Monday morning regarding people who were sickened by the synthetic marijuana known as “K2” or “Spice”. Samples of the substance have been sent for laboratory confirmation, as it may have been laced with PCP, a hallucinogen. The vast amount of metabolites involved in the creation of synthetic marijuana makes detection through a toxicology screen difficult, which ultimately keeps physicians in the dark. Read more about it [here]

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