Additional Information

¹* 24 Hour Order Processing:

Per agreement with our warehouse and ordering logistics provider. Orders are processed 24 hours daily Monday through Friday.. Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC is not responsible for delays incurred by our various third-parties and/or shipping delays caused by inclement weather, catastrophic events, failure by delivery carriers, customer error (including errors in provided shipping information), failure of customer to sign for shipment when delivered (if requested), holiday-related delays, or any unforeseen factors. Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC is not liable for any delays related to the responsibilities of our warehouse logistics provider. In some instances, shipping confirmation emails and/or shipping update emails may take up to 72 hours, this is due to pre-set server update schedules and data transfer delays from our various platforms. 
Additional questions should be directed to


²* Low Price Guarantee:

Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC offers the following “Low Price Guarantee”. Any comparable product is eligible for our low price guarantee. If you see a lower advertised price, contact us via email or phone. We will meet or beat that price. If you have previously ordered testing supplies from our site and find a comparable product (excluding promotional discounts and expiring products) at a lower price, we will match that rate or beat it. Please submit a claim for assistance. 

Submitting a Claim:
Please submit the following information to or call us 877-240-2480 (M-F: 8:00AM-5:30PM - PST)
          • Customer Name
          • Telephone number/Email address
          • Address of the website where you found the lower rate (including URL)
          • Attach at least 2 screenshots of the competitor site in which the comparable product is offered at a lower rate 
          • Copy of commercial invoice (optional)

 “Low Price Guarantee” does not apply to unpublished rates and Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC has the right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim. Our “Low Price Guarantee” cannot be combined with other offers or promotions without management consent and we reserve the right to revise, supplement, decline, suspend, or discontinue our guarantee at any time. Additional questions should be directed to

Affiliate Advertising Program:

Umbrella Testing Supplies offers an Affiliate Referral Advertising Program. Engagement in this program is free, but requires an application approval. Members may display unique advertisements or use pre-defined Ad Creatives® to promote Umbrella Testing Supplies, our products, and/or our services. In no way can any advertisements cause harm to Umbrella Testing Supplies and its affiliate partners. Advertisements must not produce false claims or go against company business acumen. 

The advertising program requires members to be able to have code access to their respective website. Advertising members must be familiar with HTML, copy/paste, and embedding links. This program is great for adding income for website owners, blogs, news sources, professional pages, and general interest pages. Ads created and displayed by our members will be independently tracked. Every successful click that results in a store purchase earns the member 2% commission on the value of the item. 

Payment is processed and issued through PayPal®. Each member receives a unique referral link which allows for direct tracking of clicks and purchases through our website. The affiliate dashboard is accessible to view and track clicks and earnings. A successful referral is one that uses a member's ad to target our website, completes checkout with valid payment of a purchase within the same browser window, and within 7 days of cookie history. 

NOTE: The "Cookie Days" is a set of time on how long the customer has to purchase after clicking on the member's ad in order for that affiliate member to still get commission. For example, imagine a user clicks on an affiliate member's link/ad to get directed to our website on January 1st, then leaves the site, and then finally decides to come back on January 20th to complete a purchase. Since we allow (7) seven cookie days, the respective affiliate member who displayed the link/ad will not earn commission, since it took the customer 20 days to purchase. 

Commission is paid on a final order value of the product. (FOV). The fov DOES NOT account for any taxes, processing fees, and/or applicable shipping charges incurred for the order. In addition, FOV may vary depending on the customer's use of promotional offerings and/or personal discounts. This program is for approved members only and is subject to change. Proper notification will be provided if changes do incur. Please email for more information.


              *** Testing Disclaimer***:

All testing items must comply with manufacturer instructions, procedural cards and/or product inserts when performing and interpreting the test. Umbrella Testing Supplies,LLC is not responsible for the interpretation or the actions taken from such results. In terms of quality and performance, Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC enforces strict quality efforts to ensure product legitimacy and efficacy. When an issue of quality and/or performance arises, Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC will require proper documentation of such issue, to include:

  • The date and recorded time of issue
  • Supporting documentation explaining the issue
  • Course of action taken in regards to issue
  • External affiliates and/or Laboratory services that may currently have the specimen sample (if applicable)
  • Ticket number surrounding issue (need to contact Umbrella Testing Supplies customer care representative) - view support tickets here -

For billing and reimbursement, Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC will not be involved in the billing and reimbursement process, nor obligated to provide information on how to properly bill for testing. Any information we provide should be considered as recommendations and not final. Reimbursement figures are national averages and should not be expected in every case, as every insurance policy and test condition is different. Customers must resort to their respective billing department for proper practice and procedure. Questions can be directed to


SellPartner™ Marketplace Program:

Umbrella Testing Supplies offers a SellPartner™ Marketplace program. Engagement in this program is free, but requires registration and approval. The SellPartner™ Marketplace is an affiliated reseller program for Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC. Approved sellers are able to list products and services within current item categories on our e-commerce store. Participation in the SellPartner™ Marketplace program is free. There are no monthly or annual service fees and no product listing fees. Umbrella Testing Supplies, LLC collects one fee at the time of sale. A 7% (seven percent) collection fee is processed for each SellPartner™ item sold. This is a universal flat-rate collection fee across all item categories. SellPartner™ earnings are distributed weekly for all sales activities that occurred in that week. SellPartner™ earnings are transferred securely via PayPal®. All SellPartners™ must have a valid PayPal® account. You can sign up for a free PayPal® account here. For questions, please email