6 Parameter - Urine Sample Validation - Adulteration Test Strip

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Product Details

This is a dip and read specimen validity test that semi-quantitatively analyzes a urine sample for 6 parameters on reactive pads affixed to a single step strip.

This will determine if a urine sample for drug test is adulterated.Adulteration is the tampering of a urine specimen with the intention of altering the test results. The use of adulterants can cause false negative results in drug tests by either interfering with the screening test or converting the drugs present in the urine to other compounds. Adulterants are usually chemical agents although some are believed to be biological (enzymes). In addition to adulteration, some donors try to substitute their specimen with another liquid and others may dilute their specimen by consuming excessive volumes of fluid or by adding water/other liquids to their specimen after collection.



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