Binax Now - Influenza AB Test - Rapid - On-Site Flu Test

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Product Details

The Binax NOW #416-22 is a rapid test used in point of care testing to qualitatively detect Influenza A + B from nasal swab specimens to accurately diagnose influenza vs. common cold. Influenza is highly contagious and when not treated in the first 48 hours, could initiate a variety of health problems.



  • Results in 15 minutes!
  • Allows for point of care rapid treatment
  • Detects both viable (live) and non-viable Influenza A and B
  • Three color results: Easy to read results eliminate mistakes in interpretation
  • Classified CLIA Waived, Rapid Influenza Test
  • Sensitivity: Flu A 70-89%; Flu B 50-69%
  • Specificity: Flu A 90-99%; Flu B 94-100%



  • Inadequate specimen handling and collection may result in false-negative results
  • Use of visibly bloody samples is not recommend for this test


Sample Preparation:


Sample preparation binax now flu test



Testing Procedure:

test procedure binaxnow flu test instructions






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