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Product Details

These portable rapid breath alcohol devices allow for 0.02% BAC detection. The test is simple to perform with results in 2 minutes! To activate the test: break the capsule inside the testing device, shake well and blow a constant breath into the test cylinder. When the crystals change color, you can then read the results of the test.



  • Excellent screening device for BAC 0.02% and above
  • Fast, portable, and light-weight
  • Used by many trusted industries 
  • Excellent correlation to lab-test results
  • 20 test devices in (one) box



Quick Instructions:

breath scan breath alcohol instructions

Step 1: Wait 15 minutes after last alcoholic drink (or drink a glass of water to avoid the wait time)


breath scan breath alcohol instructions step 2

Step 2: To activate the test, grab the testing tube between the two fore-fingers and thumb, quickly break the inner glass tube to activate the yellow crystals. 

Note: DO NOT crack the tube more than once, DO NOT crush the tube,DO NOT overly bend the plastic tube. After breaking the inner glass, the test is to be performed immediately. If crystals are not yellow prior to test, please DO NOT use the testing tube and grab another. 


breath scan breath alcohol instructions step 3

Step 3: Take a deep breath and blow a constant and steady air stream through the device for ~12 seconds. Be sure to follow the arrows for proper blowing direction.  Breath VERY hard for best results. After exhaling through the tube, quickly shake the device to evenly distribute crystals, and read at 2 minutes. 


breath scan breath alcohol instructions step 4

Step 4: Read results at 2 minutes. The results will provide approximate BAC based on the color change of the crystals. 

0.02%   = White or Ash color

0.04%   = Greenish color

0.04%+ = Bluish color 


Disclaimer: Correlation between breath alcohol content and blood alcohol content depends on many variables, including altitude. The exact concentration of alcohol in the blood of the test subject cannot be accurately determined by using this device. 

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