K2/K3/K4 - 27 Compound - Synthetic Cannabinoid Drug Test - Dipcard

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Product Details

The most sensitive synthetic marijuana drug test option on the market, with the lowest cut-off level (10 ng/ml) for compounds used in the majority of synthetic marijuana products. (Up to 27 compounds tested!)

Spice, K2, K3 and UR-144 (K4), have become the most common slang terms for synthetic marijuana. Others include: Bliss, Black Mamba, Fake Weed, K4 and Yucatan Fire, plus many, many more. It is sold under various brand names in head shops and gas stations, often labeled as potpourri or similar names. Like any synthetic drug, it can be extremely difficult to tell what is in synthetic marijuana, which is part of the reason it has been linked to numerous dangerous effects and fatalities.


  • 3 Panel K2/K3/K4 synthetic marijuana urine drug test dip card
  • Instant results in 5 minutes or less
  • Detects new metabolites of UR-144 5-Pentanoic Acid compound
  • Up to 27 Compounds Tested
  • 25 dip cards per box
  • USA made
  • Forensic Use 
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