NicAlert™ Dual Nicotine Test - Urine / Saliva

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Product Details

This dual purpose instant drug test can test for nicotine use in either saliva or urine. You simply insert the dipstick into a sample and wait for the result to appear.

In addition the result chart provides semi-quantitative results, meaning you can tell the approximate level of usage (infrequent to chronic).NicAlert is simple to use and requires minimal training.

Results are available in minutes..


How does it work? 

The NicAlert™ saliva and urine drug testing kit detects cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine. Cotinine is the preferred marker for tobacco use because cotinine stays in the body much longer than nicotine. The presence of cotinine in saliva or urine is a reliable indicator for tobacco use within the past several days. Cotinine, with a half-life of 10-40 hours, has been shown to be more sensitive and specific than CO monitoring for measuring smoking status.


  • The NicAlert™ test will detect 6 ranges of cotinine concentrations from 0 ng/ml through 2000+ ng/ml. 
  • The presence of nicotine in saliva or urine creates a green colored band on the strip. Higher concentrations of nicotine cause the band to move higher on the strip. The test strip is divided into six zones to assist the administrator in interpreting test results.
  • High concentrations of nicotine indicate recent tobacco use or heavy, chronic use. -- Rapid, semi-quantitative results 


    • Test results in 20 minutes for saliva - test level 1 or above indicates the use of tobacco products
    • Test results in 10 minutes for urine. - test level 3 or above indicates the use of tobacco products. 

***Forensic Use, or export


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