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PetConfirm gives dog owners the ability to affordably and conveniently collect a saliva sample from their pet and send it away for testing by a certified laboratory to find out about their dog’s DNA and Breed. A test like this would normally cost a pet owner much more money to have it performed at a veterinarian clinic, but with PetConfim’s DNA Breed Detection and Analysis, the collection can be done quickly and conveniently at home and the testing can be performed for a much smaller cost.


Each PetConfirm DNA Breed Detection and Analysis test is simple to use and comes with complete instructions for painlessly collecting saliva samples from dogs and a pre-addressed and pre-paid envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory. The tests’ small size make shipping and stocking easy and affordable.



  • Allows mixed breed dog owners to discover what breeds their dogs consist of back to the dog’s great-grandparents 
  • Allows purebred dog owners to check if their dog is really pure and allows them to see the dog’s level of genetic diversity 
  • Allows designer dog owners to check if their dogs are true 50/50 hybrids of two purebred parents 
  • Gives owners an adult weight range prediction to help them make appropriate nutrition and diet choices 
  • Breed insights help owners provide a better training program, understand behavior better, and create an effective care and wellness plan for dogs 
  • Easy use means anyone can collect saliva sample at home 
  • Saves pet owners time and money
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