Stock, (w/Specialty Strips ) Blue Styled Cup - Multiple Panel - Urine Drug Test Cup (Adulterant options), CLIA Waived Options

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Product Details

Umbrella Testing provides a Blue Styled - Multi-Drug Urine Test Cup in partnership with ConfirmBiosciences for rapid urinalysis testing of drugs of abuse and prescription drug monitoring. This cup allows for rapid on-site testing at market-low prices! Advanced cup mold, leak-tight seal.


Want EtG/Alcohol, K2/Spice, Fentanyl, EDDP panels? Customize your own!

Build your own testClick here to build your own configuration, online in minutes!.


  • SAMHSA approved cutoffs
  • CLIA Waived, FDA Cleared, CE Marked, Now Health Canada approved
  • Easy to read,  no tilting
  • Read results in 5 min
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Temperature strip on cup
  • Pressure tested for transit 
  • Minimum 12 month expiration 

*Product in photo may not show actual configuration



See panel drop-down


Test Instructions:

  1. Open Single Foil Pouch and remove test cup
  2. Open lid and provide urine sample above minimum line
  3. Close lid tightly and read results at 5 minutes
  4. Positive results require confirmation testing (GC-MS or LC-MS)
  5. See package insert for complete details


  1. One Line: Indicates a preliminary positive result above cutoff level. Needs confirmation
  2. Two Lines: Indicates a negative test result below cutoff level
  3. No lines: Requires a re-test


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